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 The Undertaker Bio!

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PostSubject: The Undertaker Bio!   The Undertaker Bio! Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 1:30 am

The Undertaker Bio! The_undertaker

Wrestler: The Undertaker

Real Name: Mark Calloway

Birthday: March 24, 1962

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Marital Status: Married to Sara & Kids

Height & Weight: 6'10" - 300 lbs

Trained by: Don Jardine

Debut: 1988

Previous Gimmicks: Texas Red
The Commando
The Punisher
"Punisher" Dice Morgan
Master of Pain
"Mean" Mark Callous
Kane the Undertaker
The American Badass
The Phenom

Finishing Move:
The Heartpunch (WCW)
Iron Claw (pre-1995)
Tombstone Piledriver
Chokeslam from Hell
Last Ride Power Bomb
Triangle Choke Hold

Favorite Moves:
Heatseeking Missile (WCW)
Takin Care of Business (Dragon Sleeper)
Oldschool (Walking the ropes axe handle)
Inverted Russian Leg Sweep
Leg Drop Across Ring Apron
Leaping Somersault Lariat
The Flying Lariat
Running Corner Lariat
Balistic Punches
Fujiwara Armbar
The Big Boot
Running DDT
The Clothesline
The Sideslam
Suicide Dive
Complete Shot
Flying Clothesline
The Legdrop
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The Undertaker Bio!
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